Patti Casey The Wicked Fine Players

Back by popular demand!

Patti Casey & the Wicked Fine Players Take II

Watch as Patti and the Wicked Fines create musical magic as they join forces for good in a benefit concert which aired November 20-22, 2020.

This concert will feature gorgeous vocal harmonies and rock solid acoustic instrumental work by internationally recognized award-winning songwriters, pickers, and singers. Together their ease and humor onstage may give you a chance to catch your breath from the last song, which may just have taken it away.

After many years touring nationally with Woods Tea Co, Patti Casey has reunited with longtime musical collaborator Colin McCaffrey and former Bluegrass Gospel Project bandmates Taylor Armerding, Andy Greene, Kirk Lord, and Paul Miller. This highly anticipated reunion is the perfect frame for Patti, allowing for a little more blue in the bluegrass, a little more swing, and a whole lot of fun.

Count on hearing the stuff you know and love and some new ones too — Colin’s beautiful fiddle and killer vocal harmonies, Taylor’s dynamic tenor vocals and stunning mandolin licks, Andy’s stellar guitar stylings, Kirk’s rock-solid acoustic bass, Paul’s sweet crooning and masterful guitar and of course, Patti’s voice and songs, which have not only won many national awards, but many hearts as well.

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