Young Tradition Musicians at CommArts

Young Tradition Vermont & Dave Smith

Gregg News

I’m excited to announce our latest additions to the CommArts community: Young Tradition Vermont and Dave Smith of Capture: Video Storytelling.

Young Tradition Vermont has been around for nearly 20 years as of this writing. YTV is the vision of Mark Sustic. Mark leans on his experience and desire as a musician, teacher, and event promoter to help children, youth and young adults find their path in the performance arts.

From YTV’s website:

We believe that inspiration leads to the commitment and discipline needed for learning. Opportunities to learn lead to being able to perform. Performing inspires others at the beginning of the cycle, and being a performer gets you to a place where you have the chance to use what you can do to bring enjoyment to and resources to others who need support.

About YTV

I worked with Dave Smith at Norwich University many years ago. Dave is a hard worker with a sharp eye for telling the story with visuals. If you’re looking for a videographer in Vermont to do a show (or ?), give Dave a shout. He’d be happy to work with you.