Organizations: Start Here


Here's what to expect:

  1. Profile page content: I'll need content that explains who you are, what you do, why it matters, and where you work (Winooski river basin?)
  2. Profile page photo or logo: Representative photos works best but a logo will do in a pinch.
  3. Stripe account: You'll need to sign up for Stripe (if you don't already use Stripe).  If you're 501c3 be sure to apply for a discounted rate (They take 2.9% + 30cents per transaction).
  4. Add me as an Admin level team member to the Stripe account.
  5. All earnings are sent directly to your bank account (registrations, donations, and tips). I'll bill you 10% of gross revenue each month for revenue earned through CommArts.
  6. I'll add a donations form to the profile page (see for example)
  7. I'll need the above steps completed soon - by Jan 29th if possible.
  8. We'll need to discuss promotion - ideally you'll send out at least one email to your email list. I'm putting together a page for this festival. I'll be promoting the weekend (all shows) to my own email list.
  9. The event name is Celtic Equinox 2021
  10. Dates the show will be available: Mar. 19th 12 noon through Mar. 21st 12 midnight
  11. Registration will be required - you and Colin can set what you think is a fair price.
  12. Tip jar and donations forms are added to the event page when it is built
  13. I do not have ownership nor rights to the video outside of the publication window (Mar 19-21). I have spoken with Colin about this. I have Colin's permission to use the video for promotion purposes only.
  14. Once you have a profile, we can set up any number of events. Even reuse videos you already have.
  15. I'm open to ideas and options so feel free to reach out.