Old Meeting House

All are welcome here.

This is the signature greeting of The Old Meeting House community. No matter who you are, who you love, what you believe or don’t believe, you are welcome here.

The Old Meeting House (OMH) community welcomes and supports diversity of all kinds - in faith, race, gender, culture, economics, and education.

We support over 25 local, regional, and national organizations and initiatives that address food security, healthcare, homelessness, and social justice.

Ten percent of our annual budget is donated to non-profits such as the Good Samaritan Haven, Onion River Food Shelf, People’s Health and Wellness Clinic, Planting Hope, Girls/Boyz First Mentoring, Central Vermont Refugee Center, Just Basics, Vermont Interfaith Action, and many more. We raise over $18,000 to support these organizations thru our fundraising events and pledges. In addition, members of our community donate thousands of volunteer hours and dollars to provide meals for the homeless, for children during the summer, for seniors, and for holiday meals and gifts for families in need. Many of our members also serve on the boards of non-profit organizations serving our greater community.

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