Kingdom All Stars

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The Kingdom All Stars are just like an all star baseball team but with student musicians instead of baseball players and concerts and recording sessions instead of games. It is not a talent show. It is not a "school of rock." There is no entry fee and there is no prize. It is a band. A working band run by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and operated entirely by parent volunteers.

There is no cost to participate. Zero. Totally free for its members.

Last Updated: March 2021

Jazmine Bogie at CommArts

Jazmine Bogie

Instruments: Guitar, Voice, Ukulele, Piano.

Why do I play with KAS?

All Stars is completely different from anything else I could do at my age. It really is one of a kind. I love to sing and play, and with the band I can do it and we have so many great opportunities, that would not happen otherwise. I love the music and I love the people

Siri Jolliffe at CommArts

Siri Jolliffe

Instruments: Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Flute.

Why do I play with KAS?

I play with KAS because it’s a group of people who just love music and want to play together.

Aden Marcotte at CommArts

Aden Marcotte

Instruments: Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Drums, Ukulele, Bass, and Saxophone.

Why do I play with KAS?

Ever since I started playing music it was kind of my goal to be in the all stars. I watched kids like Maddy Vaal, Alley Morrison, and Garret Gilmore from my school and kind of always wanted to be up there with them.

I appreciate the band because I wouldn't be where I am as a musician if it wasn't for the band. I enjoy playing with kids my age who are as passionate and love music as much as I do.

Macey Mawhinney at CommArts

Macy Mawhinney

Instruments: Piano, Drums, Guitar and Vocals.

Why do I play with KAS?

I play with KAS because it’s a great opportunity to play with musicians at my level. It’s super cool to watch a song come completely together in a matter of hours, and it’s a great group of people to hang out with on top of that.

Zane Mawhinney at CommArts

Zane Mawhinney

Instruments: Drums, Guitar, Piano, Bass.

Why do I play with KAS?

I play with the All Stars because it gives me an opportunity to gain experience in live performances and performing with other people.

It also gives me the opportunity to hone my playing style and try new things with the group. My favorite thing about playing with the All Stars is that I get to have a lot of fun and play with a group of very talented musicians that are my age.

JD Miller at CommArts

JD Miller

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo and Upright Bass.

Why do I play with KAS?

I really enjoy playing live shows and connecting with the audience.

Liza Morse at CommArts

Liza Morse

Instruments: Bass clarinet, Piano, Drums, Saxophone, Vocals.

Why do I play with KAS?

I play with KAS because it’s a wonderful opportunity to play with musicians like me who like to have fun and be creative. My favorite part about KAS is the people I get to meet, whether that be the band members themselves or the audience that watches us.

Security Panda at CommArts

Security Panda

Instruments: Big Heart, Friendly Smile, A Cool Badge.

Responsible for all perimeter, personal and emotional security.