Northern Harmony World Harmony Ensemble

Northern Harmony World Harmony Ensemble

This Show Has Ended.


Northern Harmony, an ensemble of ten brilliant young singers led by Larry Gordon, presents a concert of seasonal songs from world harmony traditions which will be available online from December 24-January 3. All the singers have been COVID tested and have been quarantining in Marshfield preparing this concert program.

Northern Harmony is the highest level performing group under the umbrella of the world music organization Village Harmony, which sponsors singing camps and workshops in New England and many parts of the world. (see Through 25 years of international touring the group has won wide recognition for its exciting command of very diverse singing styles nd timbres. All the singers in the present ensemble are veterans of many years of Village Harmony and Northern Harmony programs and have toured widely in Western Europe, Caucasus Georgia and South Africa.

The concert program presents a selection of Christmas and seasonal music from many different countries and vocal styles including:

  • 15th and 16th century Spanish renaissance works
  • traditional songs from Bulgaria, Georgia and Corsica
  • traditional English carols
  • American Appalachian and shape-note songs

Georgia’s ancient three-part harmony singing tradition features a dark, sonorous vocal quality, and startling harmonies, unlike anything in European music. Traditional Corsican singing, passed down through oral tradition, features two highly ornamented upper voices over a more sustained harmonic bass. The Bulgarian songs feature the characteristic bright, "hard-voiced" Balkan vocal timbre, with dissonant harmonies based on drones, and compound 7/8 dance meter.

The renaissance pieces include motets by Francesco Guerrero, and villancicos from the famous mid-16th century songbook Cancionero di Uppsala. Finally the group will also present a number of early American and contemporary compositions in shape-note style.

On several numbers the voices will be accompanied by a brilliant band of fiddles, accordion, guitar and drum.


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