Bodhrán with Steafan Hannigan

Steafan Hannigan at CommArts

How to play the Bodhrán

Using simple exercises and examples, Steafan makes learning this most distinctive of Celtic percussion instruments a uniquely enjoyable voyage of discovery!

If you're a complete beginner Steafan will show you how to hold the instrument correctly to develop the best sound and technique.

If you're more experienced he'll show you how to progress from traditional Celtic dance accompaniments to more contemporary rock or world music rhythms. You will learn how to hold the instrument, how to choose drums and sticks, How to develop good stick technique, and an intro to reels and jigs , at absolute beginner level

Bodhrán Workshop:

Presented by: Cabot Arts

Instructor: Steafan Hannigan and Oisin Hannigan

Format: Prerecorded video

Workshop length: 30:06

Workshop Available: Mar. 19 - Apr. 18, 2021

Price: $25 USD

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Bodhrán Workshop with Steafan Hannigan

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